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361degreesLAB - Bridging the Talent Gaps

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Welcome to 361degreesLAB, your go-to partner for expertise in the dynamic realms of the labor market and education. We work with companies, knowledge institutions and policymakers on addressing the evolving skill gaps and talent shortages.


As industry pioneers, we bring unparalleled expertise to organizations looking how to bridge talent gaps through innovative public private initiatives, strategic collaborations and the development of impactful programs and investments.


Join us at 361degreesLAB, where we go beyond conventional smart talk consultancy and insightful reports and not afraid to be responsible for building new initiatives, execution of plans and delivering real results.

Read about 5 common mistakes organisations make with the development of skills


"Navigating the realms of learning and upskilling for the future is crucial. Many organizations and professionals acknowledge the imperative to acquire and refine skills for the evolving landscape. While the 'WHY' behind this pursuit may seem evident, determining the 'WHAT' skills to prioritize and 'HOW' to cultivate them pose significant challenges. In this context, here are five prevalent mistakes frequently observed in the decision-making process."

Natalija Counet 

- Founder 361degreesLAB -

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