Making your organisation Future Proof is impossible. However, you can make it Future Ready. We can help you do it by working on skills that are important today and that are going to be critical tomorrow. Here are examples of the skills we focus on.

1 Load MAnagement

       Battling the cognitive overload and learning to focus energy and attention.

Taking care of ourselves is an important part of our daily job, but many of us are suffering in silence from an emotionally and physically draining challenge called 'being busy'. We have come to accept that overload is okay - but it is not sustainable. The busier we are, the less able we are to stand back, be creative, productive and focus on what is important. We offer load management assessment, workshops, labs and companywide programmes that will help to tackle the problems of cognitive overload on both organisation and individual levels. Request more info >>

2 Career and Job hacking

    Learning to manage professional development and growth in the reality of the 21st century.

Unhappy disengaged employees are one of the biggest challenges of lots of organisations. 83% of employees said career advancement was important or very important to them, but only 20% were very satisfied with how their company was addressing their ambitions. Neglecting the need to support people in their career development is one of the reasons of job hopping and disengagement in the workforce, in general. We believe we need to measure the success of HR not by how many people they train and retain, but by how many people they promote and help to a better career. We offer special workshops, training and labs that help employees to work on their professional growth, develop their personal branding skills and increase their learnability. Request more info >>

3 Digital Intelligence

    Learning to deal with challenges of living and working in a digital world.

Technology is an integral part of almost every critical area of our life and business. That makes the ability to deal with challenges of living and working in a digital world to be a new 'must have' skill. The challenge is big. 95% of all security incidents in business worldwide recognized human error as a contributing factor with 90% admitting they do not know much about protecting themselves online. Privacy is another big subject. One needs to understand how to protect and secure your data and comply with new legislation. We offer special training that allow people to increase their level of Digital Intelligence. Our training includes modules on digital safety and security, privacy management, digital communication and collaboration, as well as digital emotional Intelligence and digital identity management.

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4 Self-management

     Learning skills that are central for adaptability. flexibility and resilience.

The emotional and physical well-being of employees is one of the factors that will determine whether your company will be able to keep up with accelerating change and disruptions. There are many different factors that contribute to our ability to adapt and embrace change. Self-Management skills are often the foundation of well-being, flexibility and resilience. By teaching people self-management, we help them to learn how to address their internal fears, insecurities and dilemmas.  They learn to become directors of their lives and S.T.E.P. into their positive emotions to guide their thinking and acting to territories where they can put their ideas to practice and deal with the increasing demands, expectations and complexity. Request more info >>

5 Building relationships in the 21st Century

   Effective communication for building relationships and successful collaboration.

Effective communication is a core skill for building relationships and successful collaboration. However, the latest reports suggest there is a correlation between increase in technology and decrease in our communication skills. We are losing our ability to connect, bond and build relationships both in our personal and professional lives. That impacts the quality of our work, the ability to achieve desired results and overall well-being and satisfaction. We offer extensive training, learning labs and special experiences that will help your employees to develop their communication abilities to deal with clients, colleagues and partners, as well as learn valuable skills for building and maintaining relationships in their personal lives. Request more info >>