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3 Key Skills for Getting a Job

Nowadays it is hardly possible to imagine people with just one career anymore. The Future Workplace research predicts that the youngest workers will have 15–20 jobs in their lives. With the current trends, we can assume that current 20-year-olds will spend at least 55 years on a labour market. That means many transitions, different jobs and careers to be a norm. There are certain skills we will need to do the jobs. But the interesting question is what are the skills we will need to get those jobs in the first place? Read more >>

3 Reasons Why We Are Not Ready for the Life in the 21st Century (yet)

While subjects like the future of learning, upskilling and reskilling are high on the agenda of most governments and many businesses, you will barely find anyone that will agree that what is being done in that area is sufficient. We are not ready for the future. We can blame the unprecedented speed of development, various disruptive economic or socio-demographic factors, but the reality is that the root of the problem lies deeper than in our inability to keep up with change. Here are 3 other challenges on our way. Read more >>

Do we have skills for the Future of Life?

There are lots of interesting discussions going on about the future of learning. What most experts seem to agree with is that the need for lifelong learning and acquiring new skills is our new reality.  There is one issue that bothers us in most discussions about skills of the future out there. Almost all of them focus on preparing us for the future of work and keeping up with AI developments. Is our future really about work only? Is working alongside AI our only challenge? The question that we are interested in goes beyond skills for the future of work: what are the skills for the future of life?

Read more and join the discussion >>

How would you describe how much you work? Part time? Full time? All the time? Here are 3 things that keep you hostage to your work and skills one needs to transition to working less in the future. Read more >>

Everyone is worried about the future of jobs. However, the question we should be asking is not whether we will have enough jobs, but whether we will have the right skills to do the jobs of the future and deal with what the concept of "career" is transforming into? Interested in why you should invest in upskilling for the future? Read more >>

Productivity is one of the most important KPIs for work. The daily exposure to great amount of information and tasks mixed with the overwhelming amount of interruptions is a big hindrance to our productivity. How do you stay productive in the culture of interruptions? Our trend watcher Gunjan Singh investigates what the current answers to increasing feeling of being overwhelmed at work are and what we could do to win a fight for personal productivity.


Personal Branding is a hot subject. Is it a hype or is it really a thing? We all now have a personal brand whether we like it or not, whether we do something about it or not. It is your professional image or the perception of others about your qualities and abilities. It is the way you deliver value and communicate about it to the outside world. Or simply put, it is how others, your colleagues, employers and clients experience who you are and what you do.

Personal Branding is the skill of the future. Here are 3 good reasons why it is so important given by world leading experts on the subject. Read further >>

Our trend watcher Gunjan Singh wrote how the AI is transforming the recruitment industry. This time she looks what technology can do for job hunters. We all have experience of having to tweak CV for each new job application, having to squeeze years of experience and your whole personality in 2 CV pages and 3 paragraphs of motivation letter and answering same questions from the recruiters. What if it can be done differently? What if there is a way how to outsource the hassle of looking, applying and the first interview to the smart technology? Welcome to the future of job hunting! Read more >>

We are looking into the Future of Recruitment. Our trend watcher Gunjan Singh explores how technology is going to change the recruitment process. Have you ever been frustrated about standard reply emails from organisations when applying for a job? Soon those are going to be passé. Instead, your interaction with a potential employer from the beginning till almost your final interviews will be led by a software, a smart one. With the ability to talk to applicants, to screen them, to create rich profiles and to make decisions. Welcome to the era of Chatbots! Read more >>

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