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Workshop 'A Life Less Busy'

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Date: 2nd October 2018

Time: 13.00-17.00

Language: English

Location: A-lab,

Overhoeksplein 2,

1031KS, Amsterdam

How are you doing? Busy? Overwhelmed? Exhausted?

Taking care of yourself is an important part of your daily job, but many of us are suffering in silence from an emotionally and physically draining challenge called 'being busy'. We have come to accept that overload is okay - but it is not sustainable. The more busy we are, the less able we are to stand back and focus on what is important.

LOAD MANAGEMENT is the critical skill for tackling the problem of cognitive overload. 361degreesLAB invites you to join a specially designed session for the development of ways of dealing with "too busy".

- Learn how to effectively alter your attention and focus on what is important.
- Learn how to deal with the culture of interruption and reduce distractions.
- Learn how to direct your attention to what matters most to you.

This session focuses on helping people to learn to deal with their busyness and move to a life 'less busy'. 

‘Busyness isn’t inevitable: it a dumb approach to success, it’s a bad habit and it’s the easy option. Busyness is the natural response; but it is not the only response.‘
-Tony Crabbe-

Interested, but too busy to join? Then it is really something you shouldn't miss. 


The workshop is offered by the founder of the Academy for Psychodrama and Group Processes, the therapist and the coach Mark de Jonge and the founder of 361degreesLAB, an initiator of the platform for Talent Development for the Future and the author of 'Upskilling for the Future' Natalija Counet.

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