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Career Hacking Action LABS

It becomes a norm to go through many jobs and careers in a lifetime. The successful career transition is a skill.  It requires being able to define the desired direction, take actions and successfully adapt to a new role.

What are the goals of the Action LAB?

- Learn the skill of career and job hacking.

- Clarify your desired professional direction.

- Develop the skills that are essential for finding the job you love.

- Learn how to successfully transition from one career to the other.

- Take concrete steps towards your desired career.

Why ACTION Labs?

The reality is that if the answer to your career change or professional growth lay in more analysis – more ideas, more books, or simply figuring it all out in your head – you might have found it by now. What you rather need is trying things out and crossing off possibilities, rather than leaving them as open questions in mind. This requires the habit of action. The focus of each lab is ACTION. You learn how to deal with choices, challenges and set backs. You get inspiration, use available resources and discover new techniques that will help you to make steps towards your goal. It is plain simple, the difference between your dream and reality is called ACTION.

What can I expect?


Each lab is a group of  6-8 participants. It is a 3 month programme which includes an intake, 5 offline meetings and learning and support in an online community.

Each offline session is focused on one specific aspect of your journey and practical steps towards the desired direction. We will cover subjects as defining your purpose and direction, dealing with dilemma's and choices, making your previous experience relevant, personal branding and skills for the future of work.

What is YOUR next step towards your desired career?

Is Career Hacking LAB something for me?

Yes, if you are at the stage you are willing to clarify your desired stage and make concrete steps towards new possibilities. There are no easy answers or 'one fits all solutions' when it comes to questions of career choice and development. It is a process of trial and error, learning, testing things out, stepping out of your comfort zone and making new valuable connections. All in the safe environment of like minded people with a process, expertise and a framework for you to reflect and take action. So if you are at the point where you don't just want, but you need to move forward, the Action LAB is the place to start.

Next Action Lab:


Dates: TBA

Times: TBA

Language: English/Nederlands

Location: De Hallen

Hannie Dankbaarpassage 47

Place: Amsterdam

Price: 495 EUR

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