"Over the last years, I have spoken to many different people about the future and how prepared we are for it. The conclusion is unanimous: we are not ready. Schools don’t prepare children for the life in the 21st century. The workforce of today is not ready for work of the future. And the agenda of governments is way too outdated, with lack of focus on critical subjects for our future. 


Upskilling and reskilling seem to be the key. Lots of organisations and individuals are aware of the need to learn and develop the skills for the future. And while ‘WHY shall they do it?’ seems to be obvious, figuring out ‘WHAT skills should they focus on?’ and ‘HOW should they develop them?’ prove to be challenging.

 I believe the choices we make today will have a huge impact on our future. In my upcoming book, I want to discuss what the skills are that will be de defining our future in years to come and what skills we need to develop today in order to create the future we want to be part of."


- Natalija Counet, Founder 361degreesLAB - 

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