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WHAT do we offer?

1. Explore the possibilities

The need to develop skills of the future is no longer the challenge of basic and higher education. It is important for anyone who wants to be relevant professionally in coming years. It is critical for every organisation that is looking to address the growing skill gap challenge in their workforce and utilise the opportunities that concurrent developments present.


361degreesLAB is up for the reskilling and upskilling challenge. We understand the trends, we explore what they mean in different contexts, and we translate them into practical learning and development solutions.

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Let's start with WHY.

Why focus on development of Skills for the Future?

361degreesLAB helps organizations and professionals to prepare for the future by focusing on the development of critical skills for the coming decade. We explore learning beyond traditional degrees. We facilitate special learning experiences, workshops, labs, future literacy programs; offer keynotes on the subject and organize events for learning for the future.

Our mission is to help organizations and professionals develop the necessary skills to design the future they want to be a part of.

The skill gap is growing. In 2016, 40% of employers reported difficulties finding candidates with the right skill set to fill in the open positions.

Multiple careers in a lifetime is becoming a norm. The number is usually 7, though at times it is as low as 3 and sometimes as high as 10.

The job landscape is changing rapidly. The latest prediction is that 800 million jobs will be lost to automation by 2030.

Subject knowledge is no longer a competitive advantage. Most of the subject knowledge become outdated in just a few year's time.

We don't know what future Jobs are going to be. 65% of children in the school system today are prepared for jobs that don’t exist yet.